Wedding Ceremony Creation 101

What to Expect...


Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! Many of Jeff's clients are not sure what to expect — so here's a quick rundown:

Getting Started…

  • Once you have cleared your date with Jeff, he will send you an Officiant Agreement to sign online.

  • Once you receive the agreement, please review it and electronically sign the document.

  • Upon receipt of the agreement, Jeff will send you an electronic invoice for the deposit amount. Only payment of the deposit secures your date.

  • Jeff will contact you to set up a meeting with you and your fiancé. This meeting can be in person, via Skype, FaceTime or an old fashioned phone call. The purpose of the meeting is to get a chance to get to know you both, what elements you want (or don't want) in your ceremony, and any other ideas you have for the ceremony.

After your Initial Meeting…

  • Jeff will get to work creating your one-of-a-kind wedding ceremony and email you the first draft.

  • You will review it, and provide your feedback. This process can take a couple of versions — but the most important thing is to get it just the way you want it!

  • Once everything is all set, Jeff will email you a final version for you.

  • Approximately 30 days before the wedding date, Jeff will charge your credit card for the balance due.

On Your Wedding Day…

  • Jeff will arrive approximately 45 minutes before the appointed start time. Please make sure to ask your wedding coordinator or one of your attendants to confirm that a parking space has been reserved for him.

  • If you have a wedding or venue coordinator, Jeff will check in with them.

  • Next, Jeff will check in with the bride and get the Marriage License from them. (At that point it's his legal responsibility.)

  • He will confirm who will be the formal witnesses to the ceremony, and talk to them briefly to explain their responsibilities and timing.

  • Finally, Jeff will the go to the groom's dressing area and check-in. He will stay with the groom's party until the wedding begins.

After the Ceremony…

  • Immediately following the ceremony, Jeff will obtain the witnesses signatures on you license. He will scan your signed license and email it to you for your records.

  • Jeff will say goodbye and be on his way. (Generally speaking, Jeff will not stay for your reception and festivities. He understands the cost involved, and he really would rather you invite a friend or relative that you may have considered leaving off your list because of the cost.)

  • The next business day, Jeff will file our license with the appropriate County Clerk's office via USPS Priority Mail.

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