Memorial & Celebration of Life Services

Memorials & Celebrations of Life

Dr. Kasper will work with you, your family, and funeral director to craft a personal and moving tribute to your loved one.

Both denominational and non-denominational services are available. Jeff’s kind and personable nature will come through. As a celebration of life, a memorial or funeral service is a time to truly celebrate the life of your loved one. Dr. Kasper has performed services on both land and sea.

It is strongly recommended that you contact Dr. Kasper as soon as possible to confirm his availability. You can send him an urgent text page by clicking here. If your funeral director prefers, they can contact Jeff directly and arrange for his services by calling (925) 695-7772. (Jeff will still contact you personally to discuss details of the service)

Here’s what a recent client wrote to Jeff…

Dear Jeff,

What a beautiful morning on the Bay it was! And your service for Jack was just perfect. Your words were so comforting and uplifting…

… Thank you so much for making Jack’s send-off a wonderful experience.

All the Best,


Memorial Service Honorariums

In recognition for their ultimate sacrifice to our country, Dr. Kasper will perform local services for active US Service Members killed in the line of duty without charge.

  • $300 (Contra Costa County, California)

  • $400 (90 – 150 miles of Concord, California)

  • $500 (+150 miles from Concord, California + business class travel costs)

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